Online Javascript Minifier

Unlock the full power of web development with this free and online Javascript minifier, which can significantly reduce your server's bandwidth by shrinking/compressing the size of your Javascript scripts by removing redundant data



Javascript Minifier General Info

Features Overview

  • Minify / compress / shrink Javascript file size
  • Save server bandwidth
  • Users can load Javascript files faster
  • Better SEO and user experience

Usage Information

Support for all versions of Javascript

Does not interfere with how the Javascript functions

Javascript Minifier Advanced Info


Free and online tools like this Javascript code minifier often have a wide range of various use cases. For example, this Javascript code minifier / compressor can make page loading faster for your users. This increases user experience as well as boosts your SEO, because search engines like Google and Bing will factor in your page load time when ranking your website. While minification of Javascript code files may prove to only save a minimal amount of data, it can add up and save you alot of bandwidth if your website is serving alot of people

Using minification tools can make your Javascript code more optimized for storage and transport, as they will be smaller in size. In addition to this, web browsers are going to use less memory when using your website because the web browser will be caching the minified version of your Javascript code. This makes the website easier to run on lower end devices and overall less bloated and resource intensive. This Javascript code minifier does not break your Javascript code, your code will still execute the same even after using this

  • Decrease total file size
  • Reduced user browser memory
  • Save server bandwidth
  • Does not affect your code's execution
  • Faster page loading (better user experience and SEO)


Javascript minifiers can come with downsides with their upsides, as most free and online tools do. Debugging minified or compressed code in production could be difficult, because minification unfortunately makes code harder to read and thus harder to debug. It is recommended to only minify code when you are pushing your website to production, and not when you are developing it so you can easily read and alter it. Minification also adds another build step when moving your website into production, this increases the overall build time

  • Potentially harder to read
  • Difficult to debug
  • Increased total build time