Online HTML Minifier

Unlock the power of web development with this free and online HTML minifier, reducing your overall server bandwidth by minifying / compressing your HTML documents to remove redundant data while appearing the same in the client's browser



HTML Minifier General Info

Features Overview

  • Minify / compress / shrink HTML document size
  • Decrease redundant server bandwidth
  • Serve HTML files to clients faster
  • Improve SEO and user experience with faster page load times

Usage Information

Supports all versions of the HTML standard

Does not interfere with page rendering

HTML Minifier Advanced Info


Free and online tools such as this HTML minifier, which decreases the size of your HTML files can have a wide variety of different use cases. For example, a HTML minifier can decrease page load time. Search engines such as Google and Bing will factor in your page load speed when ranking your site, ensuring your page loads as fast as possible with tools like HTML minifiers will help your SEO and improve general user experience. Server bandwidth is a consideration for web developers, as they want to ensure their web applications do not waste unnecessary bandwidth when serving documents like HTML, as this could increase hosting costs. While minification may result in a small % decrease in HTML file size, if you are serving a large amount of users it could potentially add up and save you a substaincial amount of bandwidth when transferring HTML documents

Decreasing the file size also makes the HTML document more optimized for storage and transport. Web browsers will use less memory when visiting your site, as they will be caching the minified version of your HTML documents, this makes the website more user friendly, less bloated and easier to run on low end devices. The most important factor of this HTML minifier to consider is that it does not make your site look different in web browsers when they render your HTML, this minifier takes extra care in ensuring it does not tamper with things that could break or distort your HTML page

  • Decrease file size
  • Decrease server bandwidth
  • Faster page load (better SEO and user experience)
  • Less browser memory required for caching
  • Does not affect page rendering


Readability is a large concern for web developers, they should ensure their code is as readable as possible. Minifiers can make HTML documents harder to read as they remove redundant characters. This could prove to be difficult to debug in production, if a developer is testing their own site it could interfere with their ability to do so. It is recommended that you only compress HTML documents which are in production, as it could become difficult to modify or read minified HTML for debugging purposes. Minification also adds another build step when deploying a website, this could increase build time and is overall another step when moving your website into production

  • Potential loss in readability
  • More difficult to debug in real-time
  • Increased build time