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Compiler Tools

Explore our extensive range of browser compilers. Run your favorite programming language from the comfort of your browser. Develop, learn and advance in programming with our online interactive development environments

Python Logo

Python Compiler

Experience the power of the Python programming language, a high-level interpreted programming language used in a wide range of modern applications from web development to embedded systems

This Python development environment can be great for beginners or learners who want a sandbox to run their code. This interactive compiler supports features like syntax highlighting, error highlighting and error feedback, making it ideal for beginner Python developers

C# Logo

C# Compiler

Explore C#, an object-oriented programming language, often referred to as Microsoft's Java. C# is used in various different modern applications, from game development to desktop application development and is liked by programmers for its ease of use

This C# software development environment can be ideal for people who are new to C# and want an interactive learning environment to compile and run their C# code. This compiler supports features like syntax and error highlighting

C++ Logo

C++ Compiler

Start your programming adventure by learning C++, a highly advanced and capable programming language. Here, you will be able to run your own C++ code inside of your web browser, which can make C++ development more convenient and accessible

This C++ development environment can be great for people who are learning C++, due to the fact it is able to support advanced debugging features such as syntax highlighting and error highlighting, similar to a regular IDE

C Logo

C Compiler

Begin your coding journey with C, a simple yet powerful programming language designed for low level software development. C offers fast and efficient code execution, it is the building block of modern operating systems. Here, you can run your own C code inside of your web browser without having to install C compilers

This C programming environment can be good for people who are beginners or are learning C, as they will be able to sharpen their skills and test themselves with our online interactive compiler environment

Rust Logo

Rust Compiler

Kickstart your low level programming with Rust, a powerful programming language with the intent of competing with its predecessors, C and C++, by offering robust memory safety, increasing application security. Rust is currently voted the most loved programming language by surveyors and is considered by many to be the future

This Rust development environment is great for learners of Rust, expand your Rust knowledge by compiling your Rust code in our interactive development environment

Go Logo

Go Compiler

Explore your programming abilities with Go, a feature-rich low-level language with an extensive ecosystem and standard library. Go is considered to be less error-prone than C++, and has a built in garbage collector unlike C or C++

This interactive development environment for Go allows you to compile your Go code from the comfort of your web browser, ensuring you do not have to install Go. This can be useful for beginners to Go who want an environment to work in

Java Logo

Java Compiler

Expand your list of learned programming languages with Java, an object-oriented programming language and the predecessor to alternatives like C#. Java today is mostly used for Android development and Minecraft mods, but still remains in lots of legacy software

This Java development environment allows you to compile Java from your browser, meaning you don't have to install Java. This is useful for people who want to code on-the-go

Kotlin Logo

Kotlin Compiler

Grow your mobile development toolset with Kotlin, a feature-rich programming language which uses JVM and is mostly used in Android application development, web applications and desktop applications

This advanced Kotlin environment allows you to compile your Kotlin code from your web browser, with support for things like syntax highlighting and error handling, making this a great environment for beginners to the language

Ruby Logo

Ruby Compiler

Boost your scripting abilities with Ruby, a powerful and high-level scripting language similar to Python. Ruby has a wide range of uses from web development to data analysis

Our Ruby compiler provides a user-friendly environment for Ruby developers. Features like syntax highlighting and compiler error highlighting all make this development and compiler environment a great choice for beginners who want to code from their browser

Scala Logo

Scala Compiler

Meet Scala, a versatile and powerful programming used in a wide range of professional software applications. Scala is used in web development and data science with tools like Apache Spark

Our online Scala compiler will give you the ability to run Scala code inside of your browser without installing anything. Syntax highlighting and error highlighting make this development environment a great choice for beginners or people who are learning Scala programming and want to practice their skills

Haskell Logo

Haskell Compiler

Haskell is a statically typed, purely functional programming language with a wide range of purposes. Haskell is an older programming language, and is used in a lot of legacy codebases

This free and online Haskell compiler empowers you with the ability to compile and run your Haskell code from within your web browser. Run and compile Haskell code without any necessary installations with this interactive and responsive development environment

Minifier Tools

Explore our wide range of different code minifiers. Shrink, compress and optimize your favorite programming language with minification. Make your application or website files easier to store and transport. Improve your website page loading speeds, SEO and user experience by decreasing the size of your asset files


HTML Minifier

HTML minification is the process of decreasing the size of your HTML files by removing redundant characters. This shrinks / compresses the overall size of your HTML document to make it both more efficient to store and transfer over the internet

An advantage to a HTML minifier is it can reduce your web server bandwidth as well as decrease page load times, which can help with user experience and SEO. Additionally, decreasing server bandwidth can decrease your hosting costs

CSS Logo

CSS Minifier

A CSS minifier is a tool which can reduce the size of your CSS files, this is done by removing redundant characters from the CSS file. This makes storage and transfer of CSS files more efficient, reducing the amount of data your web server sends to its users

CSS minification is a process which can help save server bandwidth by greatly reducing the amount of data your web server sends. This process does not in anyway interfere with how to page looks, all of your styles will still be intact

Javascript Logo

Javascript Minifier

Expand your toolset as a web developer with this free and online Javascript code minifier, which significantly reduces the overall size of your Javascript scripts by compressing / shrinking them. Decrease your server bandwidth and hosting costs with our minifier

Javascript minification with our Javascript minifier does not affect the way your Javascript files work, it uses advanced methods to compress and minify your Javascript without losing any functionality or data

Python Logo

Python Minifier

Our free and online Python minifier reduces the overall size of your Python files, making it more efficient to both store and transfer your Python scripts, saving you storage space. This Python minifier uses techniques such as variable renaming to reduce your Python script size without affecting functionality

A significant advantage to this Python minifier is it will make your Python code both faster and more memory-efficient, due to the decreased overhead of your Python script

Other Tools

View and explore our selection of unsorted tools. These are tools which do not yet have a category

Python Logo

Python Obfuscator

Our free and online Python obfuscator uses a highly advanced code obfuscation algorithm to make reverse engineering your Python scripts virtually impossible. Python code is ran through this algorithm 100s of times, each time making it more secure and unreadable

Python obfuscators can help protect your important intellectual property, as well as secure things in proprietary Python scripts such as API keys or cryptographic keys. Stop hackers from abusing your applications with our Python obfuscator

Javascript Logo

Javascript Obfuscator

This free and online Javascript code obfuscator is capable of obfuscating Javascript code in a way which makes it unreadable and extremely difficult for an attacker to reverse engineer. This obfuscator protects source code and actively makes a hacker's job more difficult

Javascript obfuscators protect your intellectual property by making the code difficult to read. By obfuscating Javascript code, you can protect sensitive information in Javascript code like API keys or cryptographic keys. Say no to hackers with our Javascript code obfuscator